The Ultimate Catapult Cards Bundle


Launching Ideas that Fly

Whether you’re saving the world or starting a side hustle, Catapult Cards provides a fun framework for unlocking creativity, catalyzing co-creation, and designing innovative, scalable, and sustainable ideas that fly.

Perfect for schools and organisations, the Ultimate Catapult Cards Bundle has everything you need to launch ideas that fly with groups.

The Ultimate Catapult Cards Bundle includes:

  • 2 x Catapult Cards Kits. Each kit includes:
    • The Opportunity Deck (33 cards)
    • The Ideation Deck (33 cards)
    • The X Factor Deck (33 cards)
    • The Enterprise Deck (33 cards)
    • The Storytelling Deck (33 cards)
    • ‘Rules of Play’ Instructions
    • 1 x 3-minute Timer
    • Unlimited Ideas
  • 1 x 99 Problems Deck
  • 1 x 99 Ideas Deck
  • 1 x Frank’s Deck

Valued at $557, this bundle saves you over $100!

50% of the profits from each sale support youth-led start-ups to launch and scale.


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Dimensions 17 × 17 × 8 cm