About Catapult Cards

We’ve all been in the room when brainstorming has been met with blank stares and an empty page. 

Catapult Cards are a series of process-driven decks of cards that take users from looking at problems around them through to pitching their own innovative, scalable and sustainable idea; one deck at a time.

Opportunity Deck

1. Use the Opportunity Deck to identify a problem to tackle that links to your passions and lived experiences.

Ideation Deck

2. Use the Ideation Deck to generate 100+ possible solutions to your chosen problem before prototyping your top two ideas.

X-Factor Deck

3. Use the X-Factor Deck to innovate upon your top idea to create a unique value proposition that sets your idea apart from the rest.

Enterprise Deck

4. Use the Enterprise Deck to develop a business plan for your idea, ensuring it’s scalable and financially viable.

Storytelling Deck

5. Use the Storytelling Deck to deliver a compelling narrative that captures the attention (and investment) of others.

Who should use Catapult Cards?

+  Individuals, co-founders, and groups of friends who are interested in the idea of starting their own business.

+  Teachers or educators delivering business, design thinking, pitching, or entrepreneurship curriculum.

+  Educators and school leaders that want to deliver, engaging, creative, and collaborative alternative programs.

+  Private or government organizations and individuals who are supporting young people to create their own income through micro-businesses and entrepreneurship.

+  University lecturers or tutors delivering business, design thinking, creative thinking, and/or entrepreneurship programs.

+  Facilitators who deliver workshops around business, design thinking, creativity, collaboration, team building, ideation, and/or entrepreneurship.

+  Startups, scale-ups, and businesses who want to refine existing, or develop new revenue streams.

+  Corporate organizations keen to build the capacity of their staff as design thinkers, collaborators, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and presenters.