Launching Ideas that Fly

Whether you’re saving the world, or starting a side hustle, Catapult Cards provide a fun framework for unlocking creativity, catalyzing co-creation and designing innovative, scalable and sustainable ideas that fly.

  • The Opportunity Deck (33 cards)
  • The Ideation Deck (33 cards)
  • The X Factor Deck (33 cards)
  • The Enterprise Deck (33 cards)
  • The Storytelling Deck (33 cards)
  • ‘Rules of Play’ Instructions
  • 1 x Timer
  • Unlimited Ideas

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The Opportunity Deck

From challenges catching public transport, to issues disposing of waste, the Opportunity Deck steps users through a series of prompts designed to generate 100+ problems (or opportunities), in the world around them.

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The Ideation Deck

Your first idea is (often) your worst idea. The Ideation Deck breaks the brainstorming stalemate by stepping users through a series of prompts designed to generate 100+ potential solutions to your chosen problem in a fun, fast and collaborative way.

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The X-Factor Deck

From T-shirts to mowing lawns, any and every conceivable product or service is one pivot away from being an innovative new solution. The X Factor Deck unlocks the innovation within; stepping users through a series of prompts designed to push ideas from the mundane to the radical.

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The Enterprise Deck

Okay. You’ve got (what you think) is a good idea. The Enterprise Deck steps users through a series of prompts designed to refine the ‘how’; digging into the scalability and financial sustainability of transforming your idea from possible to probable.

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The Storytelling Deck

Ideas are only as good as your ability to communicate them.” — Adena Friedman

The Storytelling Deck helps you articulate what you and your fledgling idea stand for; stepping users through a series of promotes designed to develop your brand identity and a compelling narrative that gets noticed.

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